AS Equinox Engineering &
Construction  has signed
a contract with Spanish Army for the construction of Qale-Naw ETT compound in Heart Province

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AS Equinox Engineering &
Construction  was awarded a
construction for Qale a Naw
Spanish PRT

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AS Equinox Engineering & Construction is the awardee of Kandahar CNPA HQ project design and survey. The project design consist of 21 Senior Barracks, 13 Enlisted barracks, DFAC, Roads, Parking Lots, Power Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plant.

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        Construction of Border Patrol and Police Companies in Nimroz, AFG.         (Zaranj/Kang/Tabe Talib)


Equinox Engineering and Construction was awarded by URS Corporation for construction of three (3) sites Border Patrol and Police Companies in Nimrooz Province, Afghanistan.

The work is being performed in:

    Construction of a Border Patrol Company HQ at Kang

    Construction of a Border Crossing Point at Zaranj

    Construction of a Border Patrol Company HQ at Taba E Talib

Equinox provides for this Task Order the material, labor, Management and equipment to construct buildings, roads, utilities and other infrastructure for 100 personnel per compound to include, but not limited to:

    Administration facilities, barracks, dining facility (DFAC), toilet / ablution / laundry, POL building, warehouse, secure storage, guard shacks, guard towers, well house, water storage tower, fuel storage and vehicle fueling;

    Power plant and electrical distribution system,

    Sanitary sewer collection system

    Potable water system: water source, pumping, and distribution system; and

    Road network inside of the compound and access road to the compound.

Building Structure is concrete frame with CMU infill and DFAC Steel structure. Project is defined as qualified design material, labor, and equipment to construct Admin building, Female Barracks, Senior Barracks, Open Bay Barracks, Secure storage, PoL, Warehouse, site water / sewer and electrical utilities.

We are also providing all the information regarding construction process, equipment, materials, labor, testing for client to track daily activities and look ahead work.

Nimrooz Border Crossing Point & Patrol Companies Construction.  

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